Buying into a Ribshare is the perfect way to get out on the water in a brand new rib without the normal cost of ownership. The share is completely transferable so it can be sold at any time. We have a version of a model that we are putting into the syndicate in Jersey for you to demo!

The syndicate is divided into 4 equal weeks which can be swapped between owners using the ‘Gosail’ booking system. The idea for the RIBshare scheme is based on a very successful one in the UK, that has been running for 15 years.


The idea behind the scheme is that individuals share the ownership and running costs of a rib. The RIB is then managed and maintained on our behalf by ‘Gosail’ to provide a truly turnkey boating experience. The owners do not have to know each other, but hopefully they will have the opportunity to become friends, through the various social and educational opportunities that ‘Gosail’ offers. In Guernsey, we currently have 6 boats in the scheme and 24 owners.


The purchase price is split between the owners, allowing you to get the use of a bigger and/or newer rib than the one you might consider as a sole owner.

The running costs are strictly controlled and understood at the beginning of the contract. Currently for the E650 & Eagle 6.7 it is £220 and the Eagle 8 £275 per month per owner.
The only variable cost is fuel.

The monthly costs are year round but are arranged to spread the costs throughout the year to ensure that all foreseeable costs are covered.

Spur of the moment decisions to use the boat last minute may not be possible without the management company  contacting the “occupying owner” for the week. However given the proximity of all parties in Jersey this seldom causes problems and a swap can usually be arranged within an hour or two.

The boat is better maintained than a rental, as everyone using it is an owner and therefore has a stake in taking good care of it. All administration, insurance, servicing, antifouling, and cleaning is done by the management company. Small repairs will be performed promptly, and the boat will always be ready to go.

Your investment is for three years, after which the boat is sold, and your share of the sale is returned to you.

During the weeks that you have use of the boat, it is “your boat” to do with as you wish, from Monday lunchtime to Sunday night.

There is also an element of flexibility to use the boat in non-allocated times, if agreed upon by the other owner whose week it was meant to be.


Get in touch with one of our advisors to get yourself on the water as soon as possible!